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Student Academy of AAPA

Posted almost 6 years ago by Camille Dyer

Student Academy of AAPA

At the 2017 AOR meeting, AOR representatives voted on and passed the following resolution: The Student Academy resolves to explore opportunities for diversity promotion and methods by which diversity can be highlighted among the PA student community.

Celebrating diversity is an important part of working towards an inclusive profession. The Student Academy will begin spotlighting PA students that represent diversity within our community. Diversity can be represented in many different ways and we can’t wait to share your story.

Today, our diversity spotlight shines on Kerry Mackey! He is a current student at UAMS and is a skilled saxophonist and prolific soccer player. He is from the Islands of the Bahamas and chose to become a PA because he realized that preventative medicine could benefit his large family that did not have healthcare readily available. He is passionate about medicine, his family, caring for families similar to his, and having the flexibility to watch his two sons grow up. To Kerry, diversity is an all-inclusive term; it comprises all cultures, races, genders, and sexualities.

How do you define diversity? How are you part of the diverse PA student community? We’d love to hear your perspective- fill out a form and #Showusyourdiversity