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Remembering PA Mufiyda Abraham

Posted 4 months ago by Kadian McIntosh

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On January 3, 2024 AHPAC lost a former President, Mufiyda Abraham. She was born on Christmas Eve in 1957 with the name Prinest Towanda Simpkins. She embraced her roles as a daughter, mother, grandmother, fitness instructor, life coach, business owner, and PA.  As a wife in her early twenties, she embarked on a spiritual journey and changed her name to Mufiyda which means one who is useful or helpful. Posthumously her children have given her the name Matat Mahart Saraptwy, an Egyptian/ Sabean name meaning “Mother of might and fullness who cures the sick.” She always wanted her life to have purpose and meaning and sought to help others with their health struggles. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with lung cancer despite not being a smoker. She passed away on January 3rd of this year.

She became a PA over 20 years ago after receiving her undergraduate degree in 1985 from Howard University and later a PA degree from Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Prior to PA school she was a Paramedic for almost 5 years and before that she held a doctoral medical degree from an oversees Spanish Speaking medical school that unfortunately lost its accreditation. As a PA she practiced in Jacksonville and Charlotte, North Carolina and most recently was employed at Atrium Health Northpark, a community clinic for the underprivileged. She had a passion for travel, dance, exercising, eating well and healthy living. As such she became a certified Kukuwa African Dance instructor and held classes at her workplace and at last year’s AAPA national conference in Nashville. According to her obituary, PA Abraham’s travels included multiple African countries including Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana. AHPAC celebrates the life that PA Abraham lived and the tremendous impact she had on her patients and her community. She will be tremendously missed, but her legacy will be carried on in the lives of her successful adult children and the countless patients she treated.

Attached are a tribute from a former co-worker and a celebration of life video. We have also shared her story on our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn sites. Her obituary can be viewed here: