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AHPAC Congratulates OUR 1st Place Scholarship Recipient

Posted 8 months ago by Camille Dyer

Congratulations Emmanuel Parker Afari AHPAC's 1st Place Scholarship Recipient

AHPAC 1st Place Scholarship Recipient Emmanuel Parker Afari
Emmanuel Parker Afari is the true definition of a leader.  Prior to pursuing a career as PA, he served in the United States Air Force and established an extensive medical career as a respiratory therapist.  As a PA student leader at the Duke University PA Program, Emmanuel has continued to demonstrate leadership and a commitment to service.
During the didactic year, he became known for holding study sessions for his classmates to ensure they all succeeded academically. He also serves as student representative for the Duke University School of Medicine Learning Environment. On this committee, he works to ensure a positive and effective learning environment for all health profession learners, especially those who are frequently marginalized in health education. 
Emmanuel's commitment to service also extends to the community and those who are often overlooked. Last year, he led and coordinated the first-ever, custodian service gift from the Duke University PA Program. This effort formally recognized and contributed monetary gifts to the program's building custodians; people who are so valuable, but often overlooked. In addition, Emmanuel consistently volunteers at his local church helping families in need, as head soccer coach for Durham County I-9 sports, and with the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition. 

Service is the best form of leadership. On countless occasions, Emmanuel has shown that he is a future leader in the profession. He is an active member of the African Heritage PA Caucus Leadership Development Committee and seeks to continue the legacy of the pioneers who laid the foundation for us all. In his career as a PA, Emmanuel aims to continue building relationships in order to establish a firm foundation of trust within the communities he serves. Without question, Afari embodies the true spirit of the "Prentiss L. Harrison Memorial Scholarship Award. 

Congratulations Emmanuel Parker Afari!