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AHPAC Congratulates OUR 2nd Place Scholarship Recipient

Posted 8 months ago by Camille Dyer

Congratulations Eric Glass, Jr

AHPAC 2nd Place Scholarship Recipient Eric Glass Jr.

Eric Glass is a second year PA Student at the University of Washington.  He has formally served as a Peer Mentor with TRIO Student Support Service Program at Michigan State University since 2016.  After suffering a significant traumatic brain injury resulting from a moped accident he demonstrated adaptability, resilience, and tenacity that inspired so many others.  Through it all he remained committed to his education and mentoring responsibilities which subsequently landed him as the lead mentor for the I am Africa Experience (IAAE) which is a cultural immersion program focused on providing students with education and empowerment through exposure to the African Diaspora.  This opportunity enabled him to learn about healthcare infrastructure in South Africa and Ghana.


He has a clear understanding of the impact of the social determinants of health.  Eric shared how the impact of lack of access to healthcare can lead to decompensation of one’s clinical status and thus an inability to sustain employment thus impacting insurance options which often influences the quality of care received and thus the cycle continues.  He is keenly aware of addressing gaps in health literacy and its impact on the care received and is truly committed to closing these gaps, especially in the underserved communities.


Eric’s commitment to advocacy and mentorship is exemplified in the two organizations he has founded to provide services to the youth and young adults in the greater Lansing area.  Through these programs he mentors inner city youth and works with tribal communities to provide them with technological resources.  


His experience as a black and indigenous man growing up in an underserved community has prepared him to serve his community as a PA.  He is a truly passionate individual who is a caring and selfless leader and advocate who will be able to share these qualities as he serves his patients and represents the PA profession.  He exudes leadership, compassion, empathy, and cultural competency.


Eric Glass Jr. is clearly committed to culturally humble, compassionate, high quality patient care and has made this type of service a priority.  His dedication to serving his community and creative ideas to lessen health care gaps is paramount.

Congratulations Eric Glass, Jr!