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AAPA Volunteer Opportunities 2023

Posted 10 months ago by Camille Dyer

You may be wondering where to start. AAPA is always looking for applicants for various volunteer positions. We’re currently seeking applications from PAs interested in being nominated to serve as commissioner to the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA), and the AAPA Judicial Affairs Commission is forming a task force to review and revise the PA profession’s code of ethics. PA researchers, writers, and subject matter experts are encouraged to apply. If you’re interested in these and similar opportunities, I encourage you to check our current volunteer opportunities frequently!
Remember, being a volunteer leader goes beyond formal roles – it's a year-round commitment. Your vote in the next AAPA election matters. Consider applying to be a Distinguished Fellow, mentor a PA student or new PA, or write for AAPA. These actions pave the way for progress and inspire others to follow.
But don't stop there. Embrace your role as an advocate for the profession. You can do that by establishing a relationship with a member of Congress as an AAPA Key Contact, joining the GAIN Network and responding to calls to action on federal legislation that affects the PA profession, joining and being active in your state chapter, helping to spread the word that PAs Go Beyond, or attending AAPA’s Leadership and Advocacy Summit (LAS) in September. At LAS, you’ll connect with fellow PA leaders, exchange ideas, and refine your leadership skills. And together, attendees also meet with federal lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
I understand that life gets busy, but I assure you that every moment you dedicate to volunteer leadership counts. Whether that’s one hour a week or ten, your unique contributions are invaluable.
As you consider how you want to contribute, I encourage you to think outside the box. Find ways to be a volunteer leader that fit your interests, your expertise, and your schedule. The voice and perspective of every PA is valuable – so make your voice heard!
Folusho E. Ogunfiditimi, DM, MPH, PA-C, DFAAPA
President and Chair, Board of Directors