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Early Career PA Opportunity DEADLINE July 27, 2023

Posted 12 months ago by Camille Dyer

My name is Matt Mancini, and I am a PA-C and leader of the Society of Early Career PAs, an AAPA Special Interest Group. You are receiving this email because you are on my list of contacts who may be able to help disseminate an exciting volunteer leadership opportunity for a new graduate or early career PA!
The nccPA Health Foundation is looking to recruit a recent graduate or early career PA (targeting < 5 years in practice) to serve in a designated three-year seat on their Board of Directors. The Board recognizes that nearly 50,000 PAs have joined the workforce in the last five years, so creating this new seat represents their commitment to ensure that they are hearing the voice of the early career PA as they shape grants and other programs.
See the following call for this role and website post. Interested candidates can access more details on how to apply here. The deadline to apply is July 27, 2023
As an organization, the Society of Early Career PAs has been advocating for early career PA leadership opportunities on local, state, and national boards. We hope that this opportunity will be just the beginning, but in order to make it successful and push other organizations to include similar roles on their boards, it is crucial that eligible candidates apply for this opportunity. My ask of you is that you please take a moment to forward this message on to any recent grads or early career PAs in order to spread the word on this exciting leadership opportunity and drum up applicants.
I would be happy to connect you or any potential applicants with a contact at The nccPA Health Foundation for any questions on this opportunity.
Thanks so much for your valuable time! All my best.
Matthew Mancini, MHS, PA-C
One Medical, Primary Care PA
Society of Early Career PAs, Leader
C: 203-560-1684