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Posted about 1 year ago by Camille Dyer

UPDATE: Our elections will be held 6/6 to 6/9/2023. Active members will be sent a separate email message.

**If you need to renew your membership, please do so as soon as possible.**

Election Deadline Extended

1.0 Membership
The membership committee shall encourage and promote the increase of AHPAC membership by coordinating the recruitment, retention, and member benefit services.
2.0 Strategic Planning
The strategic planning committee shall continuously review and update as necessary the vision, mission, and purpose of the AHPAC under the direction and guidance of the BOD and President.
3.0 Conference/Education Planning
The conference/education committee shall continue to coordinate and develop relevant CME topics pertinent to our constituency and patients.
4.0 Newsletter/Social Media
The newsletter committee shall be responsible for publishing the DRUM, which is the official newsletter of the AHPAC as agreed upon by the Chair and the President.
5.0 Leadership Development
The leadership development committee shall be responsible for imparting leadership skills and developing leaders for the AHPAC and the community at large.
6.0 Scholarship
The scholarship committee shall be responsible for the evaluation and selection of qualified applicants for disbursement of an annual donation to said recipients. The committee will determine the number of scholarships to be given in any one year as well as the amount. The amount disbursed is subject to approval by the BOD.
7.0 Finance
The finance committee will be responsible for coordinating with President and Treasurer for developing the annual budget for the operation of the AHPAC.

AD HOC Committees

Global Change

The global change committee will help us stay abreast of world  events that will impact the health and well-being of our communities, such as climate change  

Integrative Solutions 

The integrative  solutions committee will work towards ways of collaborating with other organizations, including the four orgs.