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AHPAC formally endorses the Re-Introduction of the Momnibus Act 2023

Posted about 1 year ago by Camille Dyer

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Momnibus Act 2023

Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act
Representatives Lauren Underwood & Alma Adams
Senator Cory Booker
The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate of any high-income country and 
significant racial and ethnic disparities in outcomes – and the crisis is only worsening: the 
number of pregnancy-related deaths in 2021 was nearly 80 percent higher than the number 
in 2018. The Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act will address this crisis through historic 
investments that comprehensively address every driver of maternal mortality, morbidity, and 
disparities in the United States.
The Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act includes twelve individual bills that will:
1. Make critical investments in social determinants of health that influence maternal 
health outcomes, like housing, transportation, and nutrition.
2. Extend WIC eligibility in the postpartum and breastfeeding periods.
3. Provide funding to community-based organizations that are working to improve 
maternal health outcomes and promote equity.
4. Increase funding for programs to improve maternal health care for veterans.
5. Grow and diversify the perinatal workforce to ensure that every mom in America 
receives maternal health care and support from people they trust.
6. Improve data collection processes and quality measures to better understand the 
causes of the maternal health crisis in the United States and inform solutions to 
address it.
7. Support moms with maternal mental health conditions and substance use disorders.
8. Improve maternal health care and support for incarcerated moms.
9. Invest in digital tools to improve maternal health outcomes in underserved areas.
10. Promote innovative payment models to incentivize high-quality maternity care and 
non-clinical support during and after pregnancy.
11. Invest in federal programs to address maternal and infant health risks during 
public health emergencies. 
12. Invest in community-based initiatives to reduce levels of and exposure to climate 
change-related risks for moms and babies.
13. Promote maternal vaccinations to protect the health of moms and babies.

For more information, contact Jack DiMatteo in Rep. Underwood’s office at or 
Nadia Laniyan in Sen. Booker’s office at