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Posted over 1 year ago by Camille Dyer

As we prepare to celebrate PA WEEK OCTOBER 06-12, 2022 please see below AAPA Tools

PAs Go Beyond Toolkit

Help us spread the word: PAs Go Beyond! The resources below were developed to communicate the ways in which PAs go beyond and to celebrate PA Week.


PA Week 2022

PA Week II 2022


PA Week is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the profession in your community. Seek a proclamation from your local government and use our op-ed template to bring attention to PAs in your local paper. Download the high-resolution logo file for all of your PA Week plans — you can make your own giveaway items, set up an information table at your workplace, or host a PA Week celebration.

Use the fact sheet as guidance when you’re writing or speaking about the PA profession. Download and print the How PAs Go Beyond flyer as a tangible reminder of the profession’s unique attributes.

If you’re the leader of an AAPA constituent organization (CO), use the CO Toolkit to increase awareness of the value PAs bring to the healthcare system.

Social Media Posts

Share these posts on your social media channels to amplify the PAs Go Beyond message. Feel free to modify any of the following messages to align with your experience.